ZORIG.S (1962-1998)

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Zorig Sanjaasuren was born in Ulaanbaatar on April 20, 1962. He graduated from Ulaanbaatar’s 23rd secondary school in 1980. In 1985 he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in philosophy.

1985-1990 Lecturer, SHUKO, National University of Mongolia, Instructor, MDG Ulaanbaatar Committee
1989-1990  General Coordinator of the Mongolian Democratic Union
1990-1992  Chairman of the Mongolian Parliamentary Group
1992-1996 Member of Parliament
1996-1998 Chairman of the State Structure EB of the State Great Hural, Chairman of the Security and Foreign Policy EB, Minister of Infrastructure


Zorig S.’ courage, perseverance, and conviction have played a historic role in organizing and utilizing the Mongolian Democratic Union (MDU) as the only leading force to oppose at the time the primary political organization MPRP and to end its communist dictatorship by putting the society on the path of democratic development without bloody conflicts.

Zorig S., the first General Coordinator of the Mongolian Democratic Union, valued the national consensus of independent and equal political forces, and held a roundtable discussion on the country’s future development and the development of a universally accepted concept. Zorig founded the Mongolian Democratic Party,the first opposing political party formed from the Mongolian Democratic Union (MDU), along with other collaborators. When the new parliament was formed in 1990 as a result of the first free elections, Zorig was nominated for the post of Speaker of the State Baga Hural, the permanent lower house. He needed high-level decision-making power to succeed in deepening Mongolia’s social reforms. However, a majority in the upper house of parliament, the People’s Great Hural, did not support him.

Zorig’s activities were focused on democratizing Mongolian society, creating a legal environment to build a market economy, making Mongolia an open country and including it in the basic trends of global development. As the head of the parliamentary group, he contributed to the implementation of Mongolia’s many pillars of foreign policy, which was in the process of being formulated and implemented.

Two years after the Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP) and the Mongolian Social Democratic Party (MSDP) won the parliamentary elections, in the fall of 1998, Zorig Sanjaasuren, a Member of Parliament and Minister of Infrastructure, was assassinated at home.