Merali Foundation scholarship


About the Zorig Foundation

About the program

Since 2010 the Merali Foundation initiated a scholarship program dedicated for female university students, the Zorig Foundation and the Asian Foundation jointly implemented the program as well. The Merali scholarship program aims to provide grants to female students who face difficulty financially supporting themselves through their academic studies. In addition, the program also covers the cost of books and other materials that is necessary beyond their tuition fees. Approximately 160 students from the National University of Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Science and technology have been selected for the scholarship program. The Merali Scholarship program is unique in comparison to other scholarships programs initiated by the Zorig Foundation, Merali provides a full scholarship to awarded students as for the other programs usually provide a 1-year scholarship. Furthermore, female students studying in natural science has accounted for 80% of the total scholarships, a profession that is on average dominated by men. The Merali scholarship program is announced once every 4 years, 140 students successfully graduated through the scholarship and 40 are currently studying in their 3rd year.

Program eligibility

  • 1st year female students enrolled in the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in any major
  • Female students enrolled in the National University of Mongolia in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and Geology.
  • Have academic excellence and active in civil and social development
  • To not be involved in other grants, benefits, or scholarship programs
  • Must be a first time applicant an enrolled day-time student at university

Program objective:

  • Support female students majoring in science and engineering
  • Support the active participation of female students in society
  • Increase and support opportunities for female students to contribute to society
  • Increase the skills and proficiency of female students
  • Increase their value in society and guarantee their placement in society
  • Enhance their personal and professional networks and develop their skillset

Program Overview

Opening/awarding ceremony: Representatives from the Asian Foundation and the Zorig Foundation will attend and welcome the students accepted into the program. The participating students will be provided information and contents of the program, and get acquainted with each other.

Seminar: Throughout the 4-year program, students will gain knowledge from experienced professionals and leaders from various fields, students will understand how to deal with personal and social challenges to develop and succeed.

Lessons: Outside their school curriculum, students will also be included in courses on empowerment, leadership, time management, student responsibility, essay workshop, giving presentations, and preparing for job interviews. Meetings with previous graduates will also be organized to give advice and workplace tours.

This scholarship is announced every four years and is scheduled to be announced again in 2019