La Mensa E il Gregge scholarship


About the Zorig Foundation


About the program:

The La Mensa scholarship program is provided for 4 years on a fee basis with dormitory fees included, and in order to continue providing grants, students are required to complete and implement a social development project. Currently 7 students are included in the scholarship program of the 2016-2017 academic years.

Program eligibility:

  • Applicant is required to be a citizen of Uvs or Bayan-Ulgii provinces
  • Participated in social/civil activities among students and peers
  • To not be involved in any grants, benefits, or scholarship programs. (all grants, except for monthly benefit/scholarships)
  • Applicants family/household not being able to afford the tuition fees of the attending university

Program objective

  • To support students who came from the country side
  • Have the capability to plan, write, and implement project initiative
  • Be able to work better in teams
  • Increase participation and social activism

Program overview

Seminar: Project teams will draft and begin their social development project, after completion, teams will give presentations and report on the difficulties faced during the process and implementing of their social development projects.

Lectures: Students will be taught how to write and implement the project at the beginning of the program. After the completion of the projects, teams will be able to consider the subject of what they want to study next throughout the program outside of their school curriculum.

Social development project: Students included in the scholarship will participate in creating and implementing social development project that benefit society.