Oral History of the Democratic Revolution project


About the Zorig Foundation

Project Period: 2011-2014

In 1991, Mongolia peacefully transitioned into a democratic state.

Zorig Foundation, in partnership with the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy established a project to preserve the stories of the key actors in the Mongolian Democratic Revolution. The goal is to create a physical and online database of recorded oral histories. We want to see these records preserved and used to by historians, researchers and students This type of history is important, as it tells stories about ordinary people in ordinary life and their opinions on the events that transpired. It portrays what history books normally do reflect, extending from only stories from the side of the heroic and influential. It reflects personal experiences of those who lived through the time, and can portray their world views.

Zorig Foundation has been able to record 100 stories by interviewing influential citizens and witnesses the events that unfolded in the years leading up, during and after the revolution.