Young Intern Program


About the Zorig Foundation

Mongolia is at a critical stage of its development, and is facing growing demands for highly educated young professionals. Thus, to prepare young students for meeting this demand, the Zorig Foundation (ZF) proposed to implement the “Young Interns Program (YIP)”.

The YIP is intended to bring together some of the brightest Mongolian students studying abroad as well as domestically to participate in an internship at some of Mongolia’s most influential organizations for a 2-month period. The internship program also consists of a seminar lecture component, which allows for the participants to get acquainted with the current social, economic and political situation of Mongolia and to fully seek potential opportunities that are available to them in the country.

The 14 participants 1) formed new networks among participants 2) formed networks among participating organizations and lecturers, 3) developed mentor-mentee relations, and 4) participated in dialogues regarding Mongolia’s development.

The program had the intention of introducing high-caliber students to various successful organizations in Mongolia. Looking at student and organization feedbacks, majority of the students felt that they have gained a fruitful experience from their summer internships in Mongolia. Many were pleased and thankful for the opportunity, as they feel that both professionally and personally, they were able to increase their network exponentially, learn more about the majors and felt that they have created a significant impact in the workplace. Many organizations very happy with their internship placement, and would love to participate in the program in the coming years.