Oyun Sanjaasuren


About the Zorig Foundation

Ms. Oyun Sanjaasuren is currently the Chair of Global Water Partnership (GWP). Prior to joining GWP, Ms. Oyun was the Minister of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia and President of United Nations Environment Assembly. Ms.Oyun was a Member of Parliament from 1998 until 2016. She served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia from 2007-2008. As the Founder of the Civil Will Party, a third force liberal party, Ms. Oyun is the only female party leader in Mongolia and ranks top ten among the most popular politicians. She entered politics to carry on her brother Zorig’s plans for political and economic reform after his assassination in 1998. Zorig was the Minister of Infrastructure and Development at the time, and one of the main pro-democracy leaders in 1990. She founded the Zorig Foundation in 1998 to advance democracy and the rule of law, and to promote good governance in Mongolia. Ms. Oyun left behind a successful career in geology at Rio Tinto in the UK to become a tireless defender of transparency and accountability in governance. She has been a member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum since 2003.