About the Zorig Foundation

Journalist, diplomat, political and policy analyst. Worked with Mongolian News Agency (MONTSAME) as a reporter and editor. Published first post-communist era independent newspaper “The New Mirror”. Was elected vice-president of the Mongolian Free Democratic Journalist’s Association and contributed to the development of the free press, media ethics and freedom of information in Mongolia.

Working as an executive director of the International Republican Institute’s Mongolia office he gained extensive experience in political party organization and election campaign, as well as election administration, conducted projects for efficient parliament and executive branch.

Worked as an advisor for World Growth (international NGO dedicated to principles of economic freedom) country initiative that supported large projects in Mongolia.

He held a post of the ambassador of Mongolia to India.

Founding member and advisor to Zorig Foundation, Sanjaasuren Bayaraa initiated and implemented several projects on good governance and anti-corruption. He organized seminars and training on investigative journalism for central and provincial media outlets.

In the last two years he co-authored series of books about the history of democracy in Mongolia.