Young Leadership Program


About the Zorig Foundation

About the program
The Young Leadership Program (YLP) is an eight-month long program designed to develop the leadership and management skills of young Mongolian professionals and broaden their knowledge about the world and their communities. Since its founding in the fall of 2003, the YLP has graduated more than 270 alumni, all of whom are positively contributing to their personal careers as well as to their communities and their country.

The Young Leadership Program (YLP) was established on the basis that the theoretical knowledge offered by higher education does not offer adequate knowledge of and familiarity with the ever-changing world.  Throughout the years, YLP has gained substantial popularity with an increasingly competitive selection process. Each year around 20 to 25 young Mongolian professionals between the ages of 22 and 25 are selected to participate in the YLP. The program is comprised of a series of rigorous self-development sessions that emphasize knowledge and practice of leadership skills in the areas of communication, project planning and implementation, and team building. The activities are designed to include real world experiences and exercises, as well as classroom discussion and debate. Additionally, the participants are given an introduction to social, business, and political issues of national and global significance. Mongolian political and business leaders, as well as foreign experts, conduct many of the learning sessions.

The YLP is based on the premise that leadership development is self-development, so to become an effective leader it is necessary to help the individuals to recognize their personal strengths and to practice using those strengths in working with other people. Through this self-awareness comes the self-confidence needed to lead and to form strong teams of people to accomplish a common vision. 

Candidate Description and Qualifications

Zorig Foundation will manage the selection participants who:

  • Aged up to 26
  • Have graduated from university/college
  • Are interested in social issues and committed in solving those issues

Program overview
Introductory retreat and leadership training:  Participants will have their first networking opportunity as they are introduced to core components of effective leadership.
Skills training: The training seminars will equip the participants with the necessary skills of leadership such as team work, strategic thinking and communication skills.
Field trips: Participants will have real-life experience visiting key sectors and organisation contributing development of Mongolia. 
Community project:  Participants will be divided into teams to work on community development projects aimed to contribute to the development in their communities. 
Closing ceremony: A final workshop and graduation ceremony will bring alumni together to reflect on their experiences and share lessons learned.