Mongolian Young Scholars Program


About the Zorig Foundation

About the program

Launched in 2011, the Young Scholars Program (YSP) aims to identify and prepare promising Mongolian high school students for admission to leading U.S. and international universities.

During the summer, the YSP brings together 30 high school students for a week-long intensive academic seminar, during which undergraduate teaching fellows from top international universities teach classes in their respective disciplines and share their valuable academic experiences.

The YSP teaching fellows tutor participants in a diverse set of academic subjects ranging from the liberal arts courses to English language composition with a goal of helping the high school students not only pass the vigorous university screenings, but also to succeed upon admission.

Program eligibility

  • Grade average should be 75 percent and above
  • English speaking, writing, and comprehension levels should be upper intermediate and above
  • Participants should be hard-working, committed to excellence, determined to succeed, active, open and willing to help others

Program outcome

  • Provides a broad and comprehensive knowledge about the admission processes of leading American and international universities
  • Helps narrow career choices
  • Increase understanding of univesrity curriculum and campus life
  • Improves college admission’s essay writing skills
  • Provides workshops on how to apply for financial aid
  • Provides opportunities to interact with and learn from leaders of Mongolian society
  • Offers you the chance to meet current undergraduate students from top universities and seek their advice

Program activities

The program is taught in English by undergraduate students from leading U.S and international universities. The undergraduate teaching fellows teach seminars in the Liberal Arts, English language composition, and help participants in their college applications. The college-level seminars prepare students for the rigorous academic environments of a university and adapt to their academic environment. The program also offers opportunities to interact with leaders from Mongolian society and participate in diverse extra-curricular activities.

Seminars: Each year, 6-8 Teaching Fellows are selected to craft unique courses in wide-ranging subjects from the humanities to various sciences. These seminars are designed to introduce students to a liberal arts education system and encourage them to think critically and express their opinions comfortably. Each student chooses two courses to participate in during the program and are expected to complete a group or individual project to present at the end of the program. The seminars are taught entirely in English and class sizes are kept under 6-8 students.

College Admission Preparation: The daily college preparation sessions include workshops on college admissions essays writing, SAT preparation, universities selection, financial aid, and the application process.

Community development projects: The program also encourages students to think and discuss about problems affecting their communities and the larger Mongolian society. Based on their discussion with teaching fellows, they create project ideas that address a particular issue. The students present their project ideas at the end of the program at the graduation ceremony. Most of the projects have focused on addressing issues regarding education, the environment, air pollution, urbanization, and healthcare.

Graduation ceremony: At the end of the program, students and teaching fellows discuss what they have learnt and present their project ideas addressing critical issues facing the country. During the Graduation Ceremony, we invite sponsors, supporters, and the Alumni from the YSP.

Important dates

Teaching Fellows admission process: Opens in February or March.

Teaching Fellows recruitment process : Takes place in April. This process consists of two stages: First, selection based on the applicants’ online application and essay. The second stage involves interview with applicants via the internet. Only short-listed applicants are interviewed.

Students applying for the program: Admission process begins in March and April.

A competition consisting of 2 stages is held in May. The first stage is a material based selection and those who succeeds moves on to the second stage where they are invited to give an interview.

The program takes place at the Nairamdal Childrens Center sometime between June and August depending on the workload of the facility.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q:Are there any possibilities to participate in this program for students who study in rural provinces?

A:We support students who apply from rural provinces. The program runs during the summer break.