Democracy Summer Camp Program


About the Zorig Foundation

About the program

The Democracy Summer Camp program (DSC) equips the nation’s next generation with the knowledge about the meaning and values of democratic governance. The program Exposes a selected group of promising youth to a variety of important subjects about democratic values and principles, the rule of law, justice and integrity, and good governance. The program consists of a two-week long intensive  summer camp, and seeks to provide the participants with the necessary tools to make positive changes to themselves and to their communities.


By participating in this program, the selected group of youths will be exposed to a comprehensive and wide ranging data and evidence on the various sociopolitical and economic issues their country is facing today. By the end of the program, the participants  are expected have gained a  proper understanding of such critical matters as what is democracy and is not, why the rule of law is critical for both democratic consolidation and economic development, and the pervasive impact of corruption on social progress. In addition, the participants are expected to come up with their own ideas about how to better address and respond to said critical issues, and to discuss among themselves how they, as the next generation of Mongolia, can contribute to solving such impediments to national development and social progress.   

Program eligibility

  • Current and recent university students.  
  • Must possess a sense of curiosity, and commitment to learn about pressing sociopolitical, economic, and environmental issues.  
  • Willingness to expand their leadership skills.
  • Have a basic understanding of human rights and democracy.
  • Between 18 and 21 years old.

Program outcome

  • Selected youths will be equiped with an understanding of advocacy, community service, and leadership skills, in addition to the notion of human rights and democracy.
  • Gain a higher level of integrity.
  • To assist in the personal development of an outstanding young Mongolians by providing them with learning opportunities and leadership experiences.
  • To create an environment where youths interact and learn from each other.
  • To promote the development of problem solving skills and creative thinking which will enable them to positively contribute to their own lives as well as to their communities. 


Program activities

Opening and introduction: Participants will be given the opportunity to meet each other and familiarize themselves with the program’s curriculum and activities.

Seminars: The seminars will equip the participants with leadership skills and the notions of human rights and democracy.

Lecturers: Experts from various sectors and industries will provide rare opportunities for the participants to acquire analytical and practical experiences.

Study trips: Participants will travel to multiple important sites, organizations, and facilities to get an in depth knowledge about the daily operations of these places, and how and why they are important in sustaining democracy.  

Presentation: Participants will be divided into several groups and carry out research into assigned topics, which will include, for instance, democracies around the world. Towards the end of the program, the teams are tasked to give presentations about their assigned topics.

Closing ceremony: At the Closing Ceremony, participants are asked to give constructive comments on the effectiveness of the program, its contents, and ways by which to further improve it.  

Important dates for applicants:

Application will open in May. Instructions for the participants will be posted in May 2017.