Women's Leadership Program


About the Zorig Foundation

About the Program

Women's Leadership Program (WLP) is a new initiative supported by the governments of Australia and Mongolia. WLP aims to improve leadership opportunities for women graduates when they return from studying in Australia. The program is designed for Australia Awards alumni to enhance their abilities to compete equally in the workplace regardless of gender, and help them advance to become the next generation of Mongolian leaders. Managed by Zorig Foundation, WLP provides a comprehensive leadership and development program for twenty men and women alumni over an eight month period. Participants have the opportunity, and receive support in, the designing and implementation of personalized community development projects, addressing issues close to their hearts. WLP is an important part of the Australian Government's development support to Mongolia, delivered by its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Program eligibility

  • Be a graduate of Australian Development Scholarships or Australia Awards 
  • Be currently employed (self-employed alumni and women returning from maternity leave during the program are eligible)
  • Be willing to commit to 8-months of the program
  • Be willing to participate in follow-up monitoring of the program
  • Demonstrate a willingness to strengthen their understanding of gender issues in Mongolia, and commit to supporting both men’s and women’s leadership
  • Demonstrate a supportive workplace and family environment to undertake the program
  • Be seeking to improve their leadership and decision-making skills

WLP will improve women's equality of opportunity for leadership by involving men and women. Men's participation will reflect the current alumni ratio: 70% women and 30% men.

Program outcome

  • Increase the leadership and decision making skills of male and female alumni
  • Support male and female alumni to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of issues that are important to the future of Mongolia
  • Support male and female alumni to improve their opportunities to contribute to and influence the future of Mongolian society
  • Support male and female alumni to establish and develop expanded, and diversified personal and professional networks
  • Support male and female alumni to develop links between Australia and Mongolia
  • Support male and female alumni to gain a deeper understanding of gender equality, particularly as it relates to leadership

WLP activities in Mongolia

Introductory retreat and leadership training (Sep 14 - 16, 2018): Alumni have their first networking opportunity as they are introduced to core components of effective leadership.

Lunch forums (once a month, 3 hours): Lunch forums offer opportunities for alumni to hear and question prominent business, government and community leaders about their challenges and triumphs, lessons learned, obstacles overcome, ethical issues faced and work-life balance.

Networking event (once a month, 3 hours): To promote links between Australia and Mongolia,  networking events between alumni and Australian business leaders and other leaders in Mongolia.

Seminars (once a week, 3 hours): The training seminars equip the participants with the necessary skills of leadership.

Field trip (once in 8 month, 3 hours): Alumni interact with local leaders, experiencing first-hand their drive and determination and creative ways they respond to challenges.

Community project: Alumni are divided into teams to work on community development projects aimed to contribute to the development in their communities. 

Gender training: Alumni are trained on gender-based barriers to leadership, gender and policy making and the role of men in gender equality.

Leadership training (integrated into WLP components): Alumni are trained in core skills for successful leadership such as team work, strategic thinking and communication skills.

Closing ceremony: A final workshop and graduation ceremony bring alumni together to reflect on their experiences and share lessons learned.

WLP activities in Australia

At the end of the in-Mongolia component, selected participants are invited to a fellowship in Australia, delivered as an intensive two-week leadership course. This builds on the in-Mongolia component and target participant's individual to accelerate their capacity to lead, collaborate, influence and become effective leaders.

Networking: Alumni will meet leaders in their fields in a specially-arranged event.

Mentoring and partnering: An Australian mentor with similar interests or industry experience will be sourced for participants to meet during the fellowship to explore topics such as career development, work-life balance, leadership challenges and technical issues.

Industry/organisational site visits and seminars: Seminars and panel discussions delivered by expert community, industry, research, political and business leaders with questions, discussions and interactions.

Gender training: Building on the gender training delivered in Mongolia; this will focus on sharing practical strategies to address structural, social and cultural barriers to women's leadership.

In-Australia component selection

Alumni will submit a written application in English of no more than 2 pages outlining:

  • Key things you have learned about yourself and others through the WLP
  • Leadership skills you have most improved and practiced
  • Your role and participation in the development and implementation of the community project. How did you work with your team, what role did you play, what were some key challenges and successes and any lessons learned
  • What you would like to learn from the in-Australia component
  • How participating in the in-Australia component will further contribute to your personal and professional development

The essay is evaluated by the gender and leadership experts, and ranked.

The selection process consists of ranking on participation (weighing 50%) and written application (50%). The written application will be evaluated by leadership and gender specialists.

Application Deadline: 24 August 2018, 18:00PM