Environmental Fellowship Program community development projects


About the Zorig Foundation


Project objective: Instill recycling habits among urban residents


  • Installed recycling waste bin in underserved neighborhood in ger area
  • Held waste recycling workshop among residents of the target neighborhood
  • Organized Before the Flood documentary viewing event in collaboration with the Golden Film Association to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of recycling among youth
  • Organized field trips to recycling factories in partnership with the National Waste Recycling Association to raise awareness of waste recycling

Main partner: Good neighbors NGO

Seed funding: 500,000 MNT

Raised funds: 1,262,180 MNT


Project objective: Create mobile application on national parks of Mongolia for domestic and foreign tourists. Promote national parks and eco tourism among tourists.


  • Gathered comprehensive data on top ten national parks of Mongolia
  • Created demo mobile application
  • Raised awareness among public on national parks of Mongolia
  • Promoted demo mobile application to target user

Main partner: Mongol Ecology NGO

Seed funding: 500,000 MNT

Raised funds: 3,800,000 MNT

Project public page: ЭкоКод төсөл – EcoCode project


Project goal: Analyze and present the present state of lead paint market in Mongolia and raise public awareness on the detrimental effects of lead paint to human health.


  • Analyze samples of solvent based paint sold for non industrial use in Mongolia in cooperation with IPEN –a public interest, non-profit organization in Sweden that brings together leading environmental and public health groups around the world to establish and implement safe chemicals policies and practices that protect human health and the environment.
  • Release a national report in collaboration with the IPEN Lead Paint Team that presents the results of the lead paint study and also the case for lead paint controls and elimination.
  • Collaborate with IPEN to reach out to various stakeholders, including paint industry leaders with the paint study results • Carry out awareness raising campaign among public on detrimental affects of lead paints on health.

Main partner: IPEN

Seed funding: 500,000 MNT

Raised funds: 7,446,200 MNT

Project public page: Тугалган цэрэг


Project goal: Create a Red book application to promote and raise awareness of endangered species enlisted in the Red book of Mongolia and make the content of the book accessible to the public.


Project goal: The Green Earthworm project aimed to construct an environmentally friendly model home in the ger area. This model home featured a landscaped garden using recycled materials, segregated waste disposals for recycling garbage, an upgraded water use system, and a state of the art pit latrine. 


Project goal: The Brown to Green project aimed to educate school children on how to cultivate environmentally friendly behavior in school and at home. Their project was implemented at School 23, and involved the creation of an Eco Club and a greenhouse for the students to take care of. They organized various sessions on the topics of water, waste, and soil, complemented by field trips to a waste disposal site and the Salkhit Wind Farm.