June 21, 2015

Women's Leadership Program cohort 2 community development projects

The Women's Leadership Program (WLP) has been running since January 2015 and a special feature were the four community development projects designed and implemented by participants. These projects complemented participants' learning experiences by providing opportunities for them to practice their leadership skills while at the same time develop their personal beliefs and values. There were four teams, each with a project to address an identified social problem, but with a particular emphasis on gender equality

Women's Leadership Program Launch

Оn 5 November 2014, Australia Awards Mongolia launched the Women’s Leadership Program at Bayangol Restaurant Over 150 distinguished guests and Australia Awards alumni attended the event. This program is a new initiative, supported by the Governments of Australia and Mongolia that aims to improve leadership opportunities for women graduates when they return from studying in Australia.

Women's Leadership Program - Networking event

A unique feature of the WLP is its community development projects designed and implemented by program participants. These projects complement participants' learning experiences by providing opportunities for them to practice newly-acquired leadership skills and at the same time contribute to development in their communities.

The second Women's Leadership Program (WLP) commenced

The second Women's Leadership Program (WLP) commenced in December 2015 with 20 participants selected from talented graduates of the Australia Awards Mongolia (AAM).


We invite young people who wish to make positive contribution to their communities as well as their personal development to participate in the RURAL ENVIRONMENTAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM.


In addition, he was President of the Mongolian Chess Federation, Founder of the Center of Strategy research NGO, President of the Mongolian entrepreneur joint, President of the Oyuntulhuur foundation and the creator of various newspapers including...


2001 оноос эхлэн Зориг сантай хамтран ажилласаар ирсэн Америк дахь Зориг сангийн ерөнхийлөгч Уолтер Жэнкинсийн Star TV телевизийн "Talk With Me" нэвтрүүлгийн зочноор оролцсон дугаарыг хүлээн авч үзнэ үү.

STAGE program

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development and overseen by the Asia Foundation, STAGE was one of the most successful projects to be implemented in Mongolia involving a number of prominent local NGOs.

Access for Success Program

Access for Success is a year-long mentorship program for alumni students from the English Access Micro Scholarship program. The program goal is to engage and nurture leadership and self-confidence in youth from economically and socially disadvantaged communities.

Oral History of the Democratic Revolution project

Монгол Улсын Ардчилсан хувьсгалын аман түүх хөтөлбөр

Young Intern Program

The Zorig Foundation feels that the program was a great success. We hope to continue the program in the coming years, as we saw a lot of opportunities for the students as well as organizations through this program.

Call for applications for MYSP 2017

The Mongolian Young Scholars Program (MYSP) is a weeklong intensive academic program intended to introduce Mongolian high school students to university-level liberal arts courses and provide guidance on the global college-admission process.

Санжаасүрэнгийн Зориг агсны мэндэлсний 55 жилийн ойн үзэсгэлэн

“Зориг сан”-тай хамтран “Санжаасүрэнгийн Зориг агсны мэндэлсний 55 жилийн ойн үзэсгэлэн” зохион байгуулж, олон нийтийн хүртээл болгож байна.


The program is a unique six-week exchange that offers NGO professionals from China and Mongolia the opportunity to gain a hands-on understanding of the American nonprofit sector.