Our History


About the Zorig Foundation

Zorig Foundation was founded in memory of the late Zorig Sanjaasuren. Established in 1998 as a non-profit, non-government organization by Zorig's close friends, colleagues, and family members, the Zorig Foundation aims to continue his legacy by strengthening human rights, political freedoms, and social justice, while improving transparency and accountability of the Mongolian state and government. Since establishment, Zorig Foundation has actively spread democratic values and ideals throughout Mongolia.

Zorig Foundation’s key areas of focus are, Good Governance, Youth and Education, and Community Development

Zorig Foundation has been implementing Youth and Education programs since 2001, beginning with a domestic scholarship program. ZF has provided over 2,400 scholarships to date, which makes it the largest scholarship provider in Mongolia. In 2003, ZF initiated its first flagship program, the Young Leadership Program (YLP). This program aims to engage young people who desire to make a positive change in their local community and equip them with the skills to do so. YLP was the first-ever leadership program in Mongolia, and since then Zorig Foundation has been at the forefront of all youth development organizations in Mongolia.

In 2015 alone, youth led community development projects implemented by our participants have impacted more than 500 people. To truly maximize the impact of youth led social change programs, Zorig Foundation has designed several offshoot programs of YLP, which are designed to target specific social areas. Environmental Fellowship Program provides a similar curriculum with an strong focus on environmental issues in Mongolia, while the the Rural Young Leadership Program aims to improve leadership skills of young professionals in rural areas. In 2015, the Women’s Leadership Program was implemented to equip mid-career women alumni of Australia Awards Mongolia with cutting edge leadership and decision making skills.

Zorig Foundation continues to be a leader in youth programs and aims to continue improving and expanding its reach to more Mongolians.