Women's Leadership Program cohort 2 community development projects


About the Zorig Foundation

The Women's Leadership Program (WLP) has been running since January 2015 and a special feature were the four community development projects designed and implemented by participants. These projects complemented participants' learning experiences by providing opportunities for them to practice their leadership skills while at the same time develop their personal beliefs and values. There were four teams, each with a project to address an identified social problem, but with a particular emphasis on gender equality

Happy and Healthy Mongolia

The Happy and Healthy Mongolia project aimed to promote healthy lifestyles for men and women across various age groups by promoting simple exercise routines designed to energize and invigorate body and spirit. The Happy and Healthy Mongolia team successfully launched its project on 6 June at Chinggis Square by showcasing their exercises to an audience of 1500 people and distributing flyers and bookmarks with exercise routines.
To achieve their project outcomes, team members used various media channels to raise community awareness for healthy lifestyles and organized fund-raising events for potential international and national donors. One outcome of the project – Walk Walk - is being aired by LikeHD channels every morning at 8.05 AM and on SPS World channel every morning at 8.45 AM.


Creative Aging


The Creative Aging project aimed to contribute to economic development in Mongolia by improving the knowledge of senior citizens and reintegrating them into the workforce. In an attempt to promote reintegration of senior citizens into labor market, the team provided senior consultant Ms Tsend-Ayush with a part-time job teaching 5th grade pupils of the 5th Secondary school. The lessons were recorded for sharing and encouraging senior employment. The team also created an official website – www.ahmad-ue.mn for the Mongolian Seniors Association (MSA) in collaboration with MSA employees. The website provides senior citizens with a platform to share their views and gain up-to-date information. The Creative Aging team is currently preparing for a forum where they plan to discuss seniors' thoughts on the website and incorporate their feedback to improve the website.

Hands for Change

The Hands for Change project aimed to contribute to the development of deaf children by incorporating sign language interpretation to children's TV shows and raising community awareness about the need for sign language interpretation on children shows. To achieve this goal, the team organized a fundraising event called Sundowners, where they introduced their project to potential local and international donors and raised funds by selling and auctioning deaf children's handcrafts and collecting donations. Within 5 months, the team successfully broadcast 8 children's shows with sign language interpretation on NTV and TV8 and contributed to a governmental regulation that standardized sign language interpretation for children's TV shows.


Improved and Excellent Family through Reading

The Improved and Excellent Family through Reading project focused on the Unur Bul orphan center and aimed to help underprivileged kids by educating them through reading. Within the framework of this project the team raised funds by selling handmade items made by the children of Unur Bul center and introducing the project to potential public and private donors including the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Save the Children NGO, PwC, Development Interlink NGO, Mongolian Business Institute and others. To expand Unur Bul center's network and promote its needs, the team organized a grand opening ceremony for the project and invited stakeholders such as Zorig Foundation, Australia Awards Mongolia, Children's Book Palace, private and individual donors. The team also trained librarians, teachers and students on reading techniques and methods to ensure sustainability of the project.