Ганхуягийн Марал


About the Zorig Foundation

Programs Director at Zorig Foundation, Maral holds Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and MA in Public Policy from Australian National University (ANU). She is 2012 recipient of Endeavour Awards. Prior to pursuing her graduate degrees in Australia, she worked for World Growth Mongolia- international development NGO and was actively involved in designing and delivering capacity building and skills development projects. Shortly after graduating from ANU, Maral served as the Programs Director for Northeast Asia Association – international policy think tank, where she coordinates high-level events and policy research projects. After joining Zorig Foundation in 2014 she’s been involved in a variety of education programs such as the high school exchange programs, university student programs and young professional programs. Majority of the programs managed by Maral are focused on capacity building through the focus of critical thinking, self-expression, and strategic thinking and leadership skills. As a Programs Director, she has extensive experience in operational, financial and stakeholder management. Maral also led the team in Deliberative Polling, a multi stakeholder event organized jointly with Ulaanbaatar Municipality, Stanford Center for Deliberative Polling and the Asia Foundation. She was also involved in Northeast Asia Mayors Forum, co organized with Ulaanbaatar Municipality and the Asia Foundation.