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About the program

In recent years, there has been growing distrust in democracy, and the Zorig Foundation considers the Democracy Summer Camp program to be one of the most effective ways to address this issue by educating the youth about democratic values, the custom of honoring the law, and the principles of justice. This 14-day intensive summer course allows the participants to make a positive difference in themselves and in society through knowledge and information.

Application 2020 opens


Frequently asked questions

  • Must be a university student
  • Be willing to participate in the program
  • Have a strong desire to improve an understanding of democracy and human rights and leadership skills.
  • Must be between the ages of 18-21

Program objectives: 

  • Improve general understanding of human rights and democracy and acquire individual leadership skills
  • Understand the principles of honesty and justice
  • Мэдл Up-skill the youth through providing information and knowledge
  • Meet and learn from peers who are leaders in various fields
  • Bring positive changes for yourself and those around you by developing critical thinking, decision making, and creativity.

Program content: Opening Ceremony and Introduction: Meet program participants and exchange information on program activities and objectives.

Workshops: Leadership, democracy, and human rights training for participants.

Lectures: A rare opportunity to meet and share experiences with experts on a topic.

Study field trips: The purpose of the study field trip is to get acquainted with the activities of the organization, to understand the situation, to discuss and study subjects in the given environment.

Presentation: Program participants are divided into teams and asked to do a mini-research. At the end of the program, participants present their presentations on democracy. The report compares countries with relatively young democracy with those with many years of democracy.

Closing ceremony: During the closing ceremony, the youth discusses the content of the program and possible improvements to be made in the future


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