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Merali girl’s scholarship program

About the program

Since 2010, the Merali Foundation of the United States has launched scholarship programs for female university students in some Asian countries, and the Zorig Foundation and The Asia Foundation jointly implement the program in Mongolia. The Merali Scholarship Program aims to strengthen the role of women in society and eliminate educational inequalities by providing financial support to female students studying science and engineering at the National University of Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. The scholarship program provides tuition scholarships as well as stipends for the purchase of student dormitories, books, and other required course materials. It also provides an opportunity for a scholarship student to continue receiving the scholarship for a period of four years if her academic performance does not decrease. Therefore, it is announced every 4 years and currently, 160 students have successfully completed their studies.

Established year:


Age limit:

first year student

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Application 2021


Frequently asked question

Must be a first-year female student enrolled in the National University of Mongolia or the Mongolian University of Science and Technology majoring in science and engineering. She must also have a university admission test score of 650 or higher and have a financial aid need with no other financial aid. 

In order to enhance the status and value of women in society, the scholarship program organizes a variety of activities to enhance the skills of female students in specialized fields. These include networking activities to help them expand their personal and professional networks and develop their abilities, and also includes skills training for female students on capacity building, leadership, time management, how to be a responsible student, how to write an essay and resume, and how to prepare for a job interview.

During the four years of the program, young women gain experience by listening to experienced professionals and leaders in each field and learn how to address social and personal challenges in order to develop and succeed. This not only supports the contribution of female students to society but also provides a wide range of knowledge that is not included in many university curricula.


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