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About the program

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is one of the longest-running organizations to cooperate with the Zorig Foundation. Under the scholarship program, the Zorig Foundation has provided scholarships to about 1,200 students and implemented nearly 140 micro-development projects. The scholarship program selects 60 students each year in two phases and aims to encourage and support those students who are struggling to continue their studies due to financial difficulties despite their academic achievements and community activism.

Established year:


Age limit:

Must have graduated 1st year of university

Number of participants:




Application 2021


Frequently asked question

  • A second-or-upper year student with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, who studies at a domestic university on a diploma or bachelor’s degree
  • Capable of leading social activities and developing his/her project ideas for the good of society.
  • Have not received grants or scholarships from other sources
  • Have specific financial needs

The scholarship program is announced in September of each year and applications are accepted online, so you do not need to come to the Zorig Foundation in person. Click here for the online application form.

The selection of the scholarship program is conducted in two stages. The members of the commission will get acquainted with the online applications submitted in the first stage. Based on the essays, aspirations, ability to learn from the program, financial needs, personal accomplishments, ideas and opportunities for independent social development projects, the applicant will be qualified for the second stage of one-on-one interview, after which the final decision will be announced.

  • Experience writing and implementing projects
  • Improve teamwork skills
  • Improve students’ skills through 4 trainings during the program
  • Increase students’ social engagement
  • Encourage and support students with eagerness to learn

Scholarship recipients will be divided into 10 teams to use the knowledge and skills gained during the program to identify any social issues and take initiatives to address them, and to participate in the implementation of the project. This not only gives the student the opportunity to make, contribute to, and strengthen positive change in society, but also helps them gain a systematic understanding of the social and other issues facing Mongolia.


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