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About the program

The Luby Jenkins Student Exchange Program, implemented in partnership with the Zorig Foundation and the Denver Sister City Council, aims to help secondary school students acquire leadership skills and develop into responsible and capable citizens of the society. The program has been initiated by Walter Jenkins, President of the Zorig Foundation in the United States, since 2004.

Established year: Age limit: Number of participants

Established year:


Age limit:

10th and 11th-grade students

Number of participants:




2021 Application



The program is open to 10th and 11th-grade students in Ulaanbaatar who meet the following requirements:

  • 17-year-old high school student
  • Have an intermediate or higher level of English
  • Have a genuine desire for self-development
  • Be able to participate fully in the 8-month program in addition to your studies.

Opening of the Luby-Jenkins Student Exchange Program: The program begins with the students getting to know each other and getting permission from their parents to join the program.

Seminar: During the program, the students listen to the speeches of organizations and individuals that will help deepen their knowledge on a given topic.

Skills training: Learn how to write a project, how to receive and process information, and how to work in a team.

Thematic tours: Visits to international organizations and go on awareness-raising tours.

Community-based micro-projects: Students participating in the program are divided into 4-5 groups each year and independently implement projects based on the knowledge and information gained during the training.

Closing Ceremony: The graduation ceremony will take place during the American students’ visit to Mongolia, where they will present their independent projects and review what they have learned during the program.

  • Learn leadership skills
  • Expand your knowledge of the issues facing society today
  • Initiate and implement community-based volunteer work
  • Improve your English
  • Obtain information on studying abroad 
  • Meet peers from schools in Denver, USA
  • If you actively participate in the program for 8 months, you can participate in the 2-week program in Denver, CO for free of charge.

When designing this program, we set this high-school grade limit based on a variety of factors. Graduating 12th graders are at an important time of their lives, such as graduating and preparing for college enrollment, while 9th graders and below are often not yet ready to enter into independent social interactions on their own just yet.

No. Only 4-5 active students will be able to participate in the 2-week program in Denver, USA for free.


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