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About the program

The Women’s Leadership Program is an initiative of the Australian Government and encompasses Master’s and Doctoral graduates in Australia. The program runs for eight months and prepares Australian graduates to become leaders by improving their professional and managerial skills. This program is part of the Australian Government’s assistance to Mongolia’s development and is implemented in Mongolia by the Zorig Foundation. The program promotes gender equality in leadership, with a gender ratio of 70% (women) and 30% (men).

Program activities in Australia

In Mongolia, participants in the eight-month program will apply for a two-week intensive leadership course in Australia. This activity focuses on developing the skills that participants need the most, such as leadership, collaboration, and role modeling. During their stay in Australia, the participant will have 1-2 informal meetings with an Australian mentor with relevant industry experience to discuss any challenges to a promotion, career and personal life, leadership, and other professional issues. There will be visits to local political, business, research, and community organizations. In addition, the participant will be able to ask questions and exchange ideas with experts and leaders through workshops and group discussions.

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Application 2022


Frequently asked questions

To participate in this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Master’s and doctoral degrees in Australia
  • Must be employed (self-employed, people with spare time to babysit will participate)
  • Willing to participate in the 8-month program
  • Take part in post-program surveys
  • Ensure family and workplace support the participation in the program
  • Willingness to improve leadership skills

The program will run for eight months and will include lunch meetings, networking events, seminars, gender training, leadership training, and study tours. All of these activities take place during non-working hours, so participants are encouraged to have exceptional time management and self-organization. Participants will also use the knowledge and skills gained during the program to implement community-based micro-projects.

The benefits of participating in the program are as follows. These include:

  • Improve participants’ leadership and decision-making skills
  • Assist in providing in-depth knowledge of issues that are important to Mongolia’s future
  • Supporting opportunities to influence and contribute to the future of Mongolian society
  • Help expand personal and professional contacts and develop skills
  • Support participants to become bridges between Australia and Mongolia
  • Help to deepen the understanding of how gender equality is linked to leadership.


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