Women’s Leadership Program helped me become a better person than before

Coach and RTT Practitioner – Clarity Coaching & Hypnotherapy Mongolia.

 Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations – University of Western Australia


Bolormaa, you have a consolidated career in HR Management a Coaching field.  What brought you to Zorig Foundation’s Women’s leadership program?

I participated in WLP between 2017 and 2018, when I decided to leave my corporate career and become an independent consultant or entrepreneur. To tackle the challenge of starting out as an entrepreneur, I needed to grow more and I saw WLP as a great opportunity to develop my non-technical and leadership skills to build a supporting network.

What sort of skills did you want to build on?

I felt that something was missing in terms of my personal development, but I was unsure what it was at that time. I would work and study hard to pursue intellectual knowledge, but I was not moving forward effectively. This feeling led me to look into other personal development areas, such as leadership development and relationship building. The WLP provided these learning opportunities.

Why did you choose WLP, specifically?

WLP is a highly reputable program in the country, specifically for the Australian alumni. I had always wanted to participate in the Zorig Foundation’s programs as a prestigious non-profit organization, which walks the talk.

What expectations did you have of the program?

An amazing network of high potential women, a challenging project, and lots of learning opportunities.

What elements of the program made the greatest impression on you?

I truly enjoyed every aspect of the program, specifically the lectures on various aspects of leadership and the community development project implementation part. I faced quite a few interpersonal and personal challenges through the project implementation process. The challenges guided me to uncover my lack of self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, and influence skills. The challenges were the stepping-stones for my leadership and inner development, which are critical skills for my current coaching career.

What about your cohort of fellow participants? Was there a peer-learning aspect that you enjoyed?

Engaging with a diverse range of women who brought different personalities, traits, and experiences was an experience to treasure. I learned about group thinking, teaming challenges, differing values, beliefs as well as behaviors. It increased my curiosity to learn more about human motivation and behaviors.

And going back into your daily life, how do you feel the program has impacted you as a leader?

The program opened up many opportunities, including my consulting project. Through the program and the opportunities given, I have grown to be who I am today. In my daily life, I am more conscious, aware of my values, intentions, and behaviors as well as the impact I bring to my environment. Who I am affects everything in the whole system from my family to society as well as the world. I am fortunate to have had this opportunity in my life that helped me become a better person than before.

Would you recommend the Women Leaders Program to another woman looking to transition into a more senior role or develop their leadership competencies?

I would highly recommend this program for any woman who wants to lead a greater life and career.

To find out more about women’s leadership program and to start the application process, please visit the https://www.jotform.com/zorigfoundation/wlp-2021-application-form

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