Women’s Leadership Program participant shares her experience of participating in the WLP

The Women’s Leadership Program is an initiative of the Australian Government and encompasses Master’s and Doctoral graduates in Australia. The program runs for eight months and prepares Australian graduates to become leaders by improving their professional and managerial skills. This program is part of the Australian Government’s assistance to Mongolia’s development and is implemented in Mongolia by the Zorig Foundation. Since then the Foundation has graduated six cohorts – a total of 120 participants and has overseen the successful completion of 24 community development projects.

Treasury Manager – APU Company

Master of International Business – UNSW Business school





Ichinkhoroo, you have a consolidated career in several fields. What brought you to Zorig Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Program?

I have seven years of professional experience in various capacities, including Senior Finance Manager and Business Consultant with large organizations such as APU JSC Mongolia, City of Sydney, and UNSW Australia. I felt women managers rarely have an opportunity to come together and share their leadership experiences in a learning environment with direct relevance and personal impact. Gladly, this program supports female Mongolian professionals who hold master’s degrees from Australia to solve gender issues and grow together.

What sort of skills did you want to build on by participating in the program?

Due to the lack of gender equality knowledge, leadership skills, and professional networks, it seemed challenging to compete equally in Mongolia’s working environment. This program allowed me to develop my women leadership, networking, and presentation skills through professionally guided content.

Why did you choose Zorig Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Program, specifically?

I chose this program because of the expansion and capacity building of the Australian Alumni Association. Additionally, I appreciated the fact that the program lasted for 8 months, providing an intensive education program that proved to be invaluable.

What did you get from the program?

WLP not only allowed me to develop greater confidence in my leadership capacities, but it also provided the practical knowledge and insight from industry professionals that helped me to overcome the challenges faced by women.

What elements of the program made the greatest impression on you?

I liked the community development program, and it was very challenging. The Rural Women Empowerment Program was designed for women leaders in 21 provinces. Through this program, WLP provided an opportunity to put into practice what we have learned.

What about your cohort of fellow participants? Was there a peer-learning aspect that you enjoyed?

The other 20 participants were people with different work and industry experiences and were all leading professionals in various fields. One of the program’s features was that I had an opportunity to learn from other industry leaders, broaden my perspective, and do more with these young people in the future.

Going back into your daily life, how do you feel the program has impacted you as a leader?

I joined this program shortly after arriving in Mongolia. I believe I have laid out the right foundation for further developing my career advancement and leadership skills.

Would you recommend WLP to another woman looking to transition into a more senior role or develop her leadership competencies?

To find out more about women’s leadership program and to start the application process, please visit the https://www.jotform.com/zorigfoundation/wlp-2021-application-form


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