The Women’s Leadership Program 2022 is accepting applications!

The Women’s Leadership Program is an initiative of the Australian Government and encompasses Master’s and Doctoral graduates in Australia. The program runs for eight months and prepares Australian graduates to become leaders by improving their professional and managerial skills. This program is part of the Australian Government’s assistance to Mongolia’s development and is implemented in Mongolia by the Zorig Foundation. Since then the Foundation has graduated 7 cohorts – a total of 140 participants and has overseen the successful completion of 28 community development projects.

To participate in this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Masters or PhD degree in Australia;
  • Must be employed or self-employed;
  • Willing to participate in the program for 8-months;
  • Ensure that family and workplace will support your participation in the program;
  • Willingness to improve leadership skills.

To find out more about the Women’s Leadership Program and to start the application process, please click HERE

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